Ok so it’s time for the Fantasy Report blog, I bet you can’t wait. What we’re going to try and do is break down the performances of outstanding players over the course of the weekend and in some cases, game-by-game. This could also offer some insight for those of you that are budding fantasy players, but also hopefully give you some idea as to how each weekend unfolded in the BBL.

We will kick things off this coming weekend with some key matchups including:

  • Flyers vs Royals
  • Rocks vs Sharks
  • Riders vs Wolves
  • Lions vs Scorchers
  • Eagles vs Phoenix
  • Scorchers vs Raiders
  • Sharks vs Lions
  • Giants vs Eagles
  • Rocks vs Phoenix

Now, although this is a fantasy blog let’s not forget there’s no better way to break down the weekends action than looking at stats numbers and figures. Hopefully all fans of the bbl find something in this blog of interest. Let’s be honest, it’s not going to be all about fantasy! If there are some tasty highlight reels we need to talk about, or events that have unfolded over the weekend, then we will certainly be discussing them here.

Fantasy Reports coming soon!